Amenities Offered During Long Distance Medical Transport

During long distance travel, private non-medical transport entertainment is included. Not only entertainment, but additional amenities to make the patient’s trip as comfortable as possible. Although, long distance trips may vary in mileage, transportation of this type, covers anything over 200 plus miles. For medical transport under 200 miles, there is usually other types of transportation options available.

long distance medical transportation

Most often the prescribed vehicle is one that been equipped with specialized features. These features may include an adjustable hospital bed to allow for television viewing during the trip. Also, there are bathroom and kitchen facilities and wireless internet access. Patients can use their laptops computers and chat with other loved ones on Messenger applications, or live Internet feeds, such as Snapchat. Or they can listen to satellite radio, watch movies or DVDs and play online games.

Patients with chronic health conditions are also provided with amenities to facilitate their normal monitoring activities. Such as having their diabetic testing done while traveling in the vehicle or those who require wound care and those with adult diapers, have soiled ones changed.

Anything that is needed when they are not traveling is provided while they are in the vehicle. A licensed nurse will administer any required oral medications and insulin shots, for diabetic patient transport.

Amenities for medical transportationThe amenities are provided to ensure that the patient remains stress-free and relaxed during the trip. Every precaution is taken for health and safety, including proper sanitation methods, which are observed while in the vehicle.

Not everyone who needs transport is happy and suffering from minor illnesses. No, some are stable, which means that they have a serious illness, but it is not life threatening and does not require emergency treatment. This where amenities come into the picture. Amenities are offered to keep the patient calm and happy and in most cases are a welcome distraction.

Patients can keep up with what is happening elsewhere in the world, by watching live news online or by satellite television and enjoy an environment that is especially suited to accommodate their every need.

Some patients are being transported at the request of their physician to another hospital for additional diagnostic tests. They may have some illness that is more serious than was originally suspected. These patients need a comfortable trip and they welcome any and all the little “creature comforts” of transportation amenities. Which are included in the overall cost of the trip and do not require extra money to use them.